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Nelson Mandela

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Friday, August 26, 2016
Saturday, August 27, 2016
Sunday, August 28, 2016



Bring your food, survival equipment, fire safety supplies and show us how to prepare your meal*


What is "Emergency Meal Preparedness" ?

"Emergency Meal Preparedness" is a simulation and fun contest. It is about preparing your meals for family, survivors, anyone during the disaster. Have you ever experienced prepping your family meal during disaster? With no water system, no electricity? Do you have all the items needed to survive during the 72-hour emergency or perhaps even 1-week without any support resources?

Scenario: "WHEN" an 8.5 earthquake strikes in California and there is no public service support of any kind, How do we survive in this large catastrophic situation? Are we prepared to survive without electricity, power, gas, water system for period of time?

Join us, Learn and Simulate how to Be Prepared, Survive, and Recover!


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October 15, 2016

Event: WORLD FOOD DAY Meal Packaging at Food Bank

Volunteers are welcome!

World Food Day is October 16, 2016.

Did you know 1 in 7 Americans,14.3%, does not have enough to eat? (USDA, 2014)

As our continued effort in helping communities in recognizing World Food Day, we partake by packaging meals to support our local food banks.

We will help to sort, inspect and repackage donated food items from local food drives, approximately up to 1,000 meals.

Safety requirements are as follows:

  • Safety requirements include: no open-toe, high heel shoes, or any shoes exposing the heel.
  • We recommend casual attire (jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes)
  • Minimum age requirement to volunteer is 14.

Join us on Saturday, October 15 (8:30am-12noon) at Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

If you are unable to attend, and still wish to make a donation, you may do so HERE.

Your contribution will help continue providing our hunger program with food banks. Thank you.


Prepare, Survive, and Recover quick!

Learn and Simulate. Disaster Preparedness event #iDAREcares #EMDP2016 Help us kick off our Disaster Preparedness event “Emergency Meal Prep” on December 3, 2016 (8am – 12noon) Bring your food, survival equipment, fire safety supplies and show us how to prepare your meal* Our goal is to promote disaster risk reduction, build resilient communities, homes, and […]


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